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Is your new, happy relationship giving you muffin top?

Don’t let New Love Poofiness get you down. It’s there to take your relationship to the next level. ‘What. Is. This.’ I stared […]

The Shine Project SA

Pretty plums. I have been a busy, busy bee, which is why there has been so little going on here. Over the past […]

Ask Dot :: What to do about pearly penile papules

A reader has problem with his penis’ expression of self Hi im 22 years old and i have never kissed a girl or […]

Lube up! Why lubrication is important for sex…

Do you use lube for solo or partner play? Dorothy Black suggests you do. I once went to a lube tasting party. Tasting. […]

Educate yourself :: Vagina Varsity

If you’ve followed my work for even a little while, you’ll know that I bitch about the state of sex/body education and how stifling […]

Ask Dot :: Will masturbation break my virginity

Okay I am a Virgin, but I masturbate so hard using a pillow is it possible that I might lose my virginity? I […]

Beyond The Good Normal :: How To Bake An Orgasm

How to Bake an Orgasm is the talk about how your body is wired for pleasure and how best to access what good Mama Nature […]