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Dinner At Eight :: Straight married men who have sex with gay men

With me for dinner this time is Dave (@bloggsymalone), Scribe and Anton (@antonmarshall). Dave is chatting to us about his experiences of affairs […]

Rape is not about sex or Reality called and it asks to please bring some science

since this column was first published on Women24 almost two weeks ago the following has happened (and this is in brief): 2nd woman stabbed […]

Dinner At Eight :: Blowjobs, they are not for everyone

In which we speak to 37-year-old Sparky and find out why he’s never had a blowjob, and to Giggles to find out why […]

Dinner At Eight :: Is porn bad for sex?

In which we chat all things porn, including Brooke and Ridge, BDSM, cliterature and surprise anal. while i was listening to this podisode, […]

Dinner At Eight :: An introduction and all manner of BDSM talk

so this is The Dot Spot’s first podcast. was dying to call it a podisode but The Scribe (the last ‘miss’) would have […]