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Dinner At Eight :: Straight married men who have sex with gay men

dinner at eight after nines

With me for dinner this time is Dave (@bloggsymalone), Scribe and Anton (@antonmarshall). Dave is chatting to us about his experiences of affairs with straight marrieds. Other Dave (the one throwing in the random comments […]

Dinner At Eight :: Blowjobs, they are not for everyone

In which we speak to 37-year-old Sparky and find out why he’s never had a blowjob, and to Giggles to find out why she doesn’t like giving them. At dinner: Myself, Dolce, Sparky and Giggles. […]

Dinner At Eight :: Is porn bad for sex?

In which we chat all things porn, including Brooke and Ridge, BDSM, cliterature and surprise anal. while i was listening to this podisode, i must admit to cringing at certain points thinking, omgamiactuallygoingtoleavethatin!? needless to […]

Dinner At Eight :: An introduction and all manner of BDSM talk

so this is The Dot Spot’s first podcast. was dying to call it a podisode but The Scribe (the last ‘miss’) would have none of it. these chats are something i’ve been thinking of recording […]