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Erotica#1 :: A night at the bathhouse…

Kade recounts his experience of frequenting Cape Town’s top gay bathhouse, The Hot House… The rules are simple: no talking, no names, no […]

Erotica#1 :: The Taxi Drive, by Faith Bishop

I am sitting at the bar nursing my glass of wine. I have checked my make-up twice, rearranged my breasts many more times […]

Erotica#1 :: Sex Chat

(I have literally copied and pasted from the email i was sent, which was li-te-rally just copied and pasted from the chat box. […]

Erotica#1 :: The Apartment, by Faith Bishop

She knocks and takes off her shoes, standing with her back to the door as she has been instructed. The door opens and […]

Erotica#1 :: The Unfortunate Fisting Incident of 2009 by Kade #truestory

One tub Boy Butter, one hotel room, two overzealous fuckers. Kade finds himself in an awkward position… It’s safe to say that fisting […]

Erotica#1 :: The Boots by J Conatus

She’s wearing the black boots. Her calves wrapped in leather, the slip dress clinging to the angles of her body. I can see […]

Erotica#1 :: The Tailor by Sparky

Lee Sanders meets a woman who will give him the time – and surprise – of his life… RRRRRIIIIIIIIIP Oh, damn. I pulled […]