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The Shine Project SA

Pretty plums. I have been a busy, busy bee, which is why there has been so little going on here. Over the past […]

When columnists try to get funny about ‘trans’ :: A lesson in language

When I started writing the sex column (then in 2009 I had no idea just how far down the rabbit hole […]

A NSFW hello to Monday :: Queer Porn FTW

I was looking around the interwebs’ selection of tumblr porn, feeling incredibly bored by it all until I found this one. It’s actually […]

Postsecret pic of the week :: I wish I was born straight

orlando happened. i wanted to write something about safe spaces and hateful people and trauma and gun versus abortion laws in the US […]

Is it time to rethink the Kinsey scale?

Dorothy Black spoke to gender activist and psychosexual educator Delene van Dyk about love, sex and the evolution of our sexual orientation. I’ll […]

Is there a gay gene? Should we care?

Why are we so desperate to find an on/off switch? Dorothy Black asks all the right questions. I met Martin in York, England, […]

A NSFW hello to Monday :: Gifs, grind and some gay (just to piss off the haters)

repost  whenever i post gay men getting off in whatever way or ‘too many’ penis and man-body shots i am guaranteed to get mail from […]