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Are you an ageist when it comes to sex?

If you judge other women’s sexual potency by how old they are, it’s time to stop limiting yourself and the women around you, […]

‘I am not against feminism but’ – a letter to a ‘normal female’

i posted this in 2013. it’s now 2017 and the mad king Trump is president of the US. there have been a lot […]

Dot’s guide to being a better freelance writer in 2015. With 2017 updates.

At the start of 2015 I wrote a piece for Brightrock about freelance new year’s resolutions. I like going back on these sorts […]

Epiphantic moments involving cum stains and Woolies pork grillers

And we’re back! Plums. This holiday I’ve had so many epiphantic (I have made this a word in dotland so shuddup) moments I […]

Social media holidays are where it’s at

As is the norm at this time of year, people are prone to ask: ‘Soooo, got any plans for the holidays? Going anywhere?’ […]

A response to a dick’s unsolicited dick pic

I was never ever going to write about this because I like to imagine a world where my readership doesn’t need another yack […]

Let’s talk about sex (& relationships & body & empowerment & dating) baby

In September I started a series of talks called Beyond The Good Normal, covering dating, orgasm and pleasure, relationships, self empowerment and getting […]