Ask Dot :: Some advice on how to make masturbation more interesting

As we bid another fond farewell to Masturbation Month, I’ll post the masturbation Q&A videocast with Gearz in March… Hi Dot. I haven’t had sex in TWO years. In fact, I haven’t had GOOD sex in SIX years. I don’t really see myself meeting anyone anytime soon, but I am SO bored with how I […]

A NSFW hello to Monday :: I feel myself

oh i so adore these types of sites. though i say ‘types’ like it’s a plural. i’ve only ever see this one,, and the one of guys, gentleman handling. what i love about it, apart from the obvious sexiness and how beautifully it’s filmed, is how real it is – and how informative. many […]

A NSFW hello to Monday :: Gentleman Handling : Come as you are

found this really awesome site and project via violet blue’s site, it’s called Gentleman Handling and it’s a fantastic take on male masturbation in a form that aims ‘to strip the image of male sexual pleasure from its less-than-savoury pornographic contexts and situate it in a style of imagemaking that is honest, attentive, and […]

Ask Dot :: I walked in on my dad masturbating

I walked in on my dad masturbating in the bathroom. None of us were supposed to be home, but I had to go back to fetch something. It was gross. I really don’t know how to look him in the eye anymore. What the hell. Do I say something? *** (when i initially answered this […]

(Solo) Sex Tips For Boys

Last year I went to the premier of Casting Me, a film by director Quinton Lavery, starring Paul Snodgrass and Roxy Rae Prentice. It’s well worth a watch for many reasons, but my highlights were the stellar cringe-worthy and genuinely laugh out loud moments (see the blow job scene with colin moss). The bear and […]

postsecret pic of the week :: regret forget kiss (oh and wank)

this isn’t really my postsecret pic of the week. i just felt i had to post these as a mental side-swipe as to just how much these postsecret pages are filled with regret for things not done, people not loved, adventures not adventured and experiences not experienced. it really just blows me away. but every […]

Man films himself cumming five times

i’m actually not sure if it’s FIVE times. can’t watch it again to be sure. but i can say it is fucking mesmerising. MESMERISING. and no, boys, it’s not the fleshlight doing that to him, or the cock ring … i’ve never actually seen a man experience multiple orgasms … pretty awesome such fucking rubbish. […]

A NSFW hello to Monday :: Wanking with props

i’m not going to lie. this is a rush job today. i’m over the masturbation pics and am dying to get back to some of the delicious penetrative naughtiness i have lined up from next week. but i’m one of those people that sees shit through to the end mofo, and my sex pic promises […]

female masturbation euphemisms

this is brilliant. it’s a little video of, well, female masturbation euphemisms, from, a pretty cool, but pricey for saffars, lady porn site. one of my regular plums sent it in… stroking the pussy, paddling the pink canoe, flicking the bean and my new favourite RUBBING ONE OUT! hahahahaha… thanks KO… while you’re here, you […]

Hand jobs for girls (aka fingering)

Dorothy Black explores the ins and outs of a good hand job. There is a reason girls like musicians. I knew why in practice, but not in theory until very recently. The Don and I were having a heart-to-heart about the fine art of hand jobs and he explained to me that musicians are so […]