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The risks of The ‘Crazy Sex’ Chat

Do you ever compare crazy sex notes with your new partner? Dorothy Black says you should tread carefully… There are two questions that are toxic to any budding relationship. The first is: ‘How many men have you slept with?’ The second: ‘What crazy sex shit have you done?’ I don’t care much for the former, but […]

Is one partner not enough for you?

Is one man not enough to satisfy you? Then maybe you should try polyamory The other day, I’m sitting with Lima at our fave mid-morning haunt. She says she’s met the perfect man. He’s a roguish gentleman with the sex skills of a Tantric god, she says. They get along like a house of fire, she […]

How to train your man (in the bedroom)

Dorothy Black says great sex is based on her top four Cs: Communication, chemistry, correspondence and confidence. But you can have all of this and lack one vital element: skill… Sexy-time skill is like the salt in your meal, the fizz in your soda, the spring in your trampoline … without it, banging away can […]

Breaking up needs manners

Dorothy Black wonders why we struggle to use basic manners when we end it with someone This might be familiar to you: You go on a date with Mr Man, it goes well, you laugh, you joke, you talk, there’s chemistry … you see each other again. Awesome. So much fun. He’s sending messages every […]

How long have you gone without sex?

Dorothy Black says taking a break from doing it is all very well as long as you don’t get stuck on the Plateau of Sleeping Vagina It’s been three months, four weeks and three days since I last had sex. Not that I’m counting. At least, not for desperation’s sake. Not yet. No, no. I […]

Couples should make their own rules

Dorothy Black says relationships should be able to make space for individual ‘tastes’ Princess had literally flogged me to orgasm and I was lying in her lap. A little puddle of shaky afterglow on the floor while she stroked my head and hugged me. Those that had been watching sat around quietly, smiling approvingly as […]

The Seven Keys of Good Loving (and a little end note about a revelation)

Are you in a healthy relationship? Dorothy Black has a checklist for you. When it comes to relationships, there are a number of ways to wake up to an unhealthy situation, metaphorically speaking. You can be cooed gently to consciousness by your lover or driven to open your eyes by the clang of life’s alarm […]

Foreplay isn’t what you think it is

Dorothy Black thinks it’s time we gave outdated concepts of foreplay the boot. Imagine you’re walking through the Library of Sex. It’s a big place. Now go to the bookshelf marked ‘F’ and find the large and heavy tome entitled ‘Foreplay’. Got it? Great. Now find your nearest trashcan and dump it. Just throw it […]

You can survive a long distance relationship

Long distance relationships can be stressful, but Dorothy Black gives us her take on how to manage it… Long distance relationships (LDRs) are not for the faint hearted or weak willed. Or for anyone with half a brain, for that matter. So take this advice from whence it comes, because apparently I am a certifiable half-wit […]

What is an orgasm like?

Dorothy Black says we need to do away with comparison and expectation when we talk about our orgasms… Lima had her first orgasm at the age of 40, roped up and suspended from the ceiling, her lady bits coerced into the wow by an experienced Dom. A Dom that was not her husband. I remember […]