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The one secret to a great sex life

Dorothy Blacks reveals what it takes to enjoy a rich and satisfying love life. ‘The best way to achieve your dream is to […]

Is it time to end your relationship?

Not all break-ups are sad events, says Dorothy Black. Sometimes we need to see them as the opportunity for a new beginning. I […]

How much sex is enough

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to sex and pleasure, says Dorothy Black Once, when a whirlwind romance came to an […]

Is it love or lust at first sight?

When it comes to empowered sexuality for women, Dorothy Black asks whether ‘love at first sight’ is a harmless expression or the product […]

10 things that suck about being single

You don’t need anyone to complete you and that’s cool. But sometimes being single for a prolonged period of time can really suck. […]

My next fave: Are women programmed to cheat?

Be careful of the news that skews information around women’s sexuality, says Dorothy Black. I am always wary of sweeping statements about women’s […]

Choreplay – Science says to share chores for better sex

Want to improve your sex life with your live-in lover? Science says you should share the household chores. By Dorothy Black I have a […]