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When do you start talking to your kids about sex?

birds and bees

Not sure why or how to talk to your kids about sex? Dorothy Black speaks up and to some moms… It’s a question that can quickly raise tempers and kick-start arguments. So here’s a simpler […]

Writing about writing, Kinkly Top 2015 and Postsecret…

So i know that this is possibly the most ridiculous time of year to kick off the blogging again, but a girl’s gotta start somewhere right? I thought I’d give you a little quick ‘catch-up’ […]

Don’t share your passwords with your partner

Does signing up for a relationship mean handing over your passwords? Dorothy Black believes personal privacy and trust need to work together. I heard a story the other day about a woman who was advised […]

Ghosting: the worst way to break up?

While simply ceasing all contact may not be the best way to end a relationship, Dorothy Black feels it’s better to be a ghost than chase one. Finally, I have something in common with Onse […]

Are you the side chick?

Does your boyfriend always have an excuse for why you can’t make plans or meet the family? Can he never take your calls or sleep over? Dorothy Black suspects you might be the side chick… […]

Introducing your great, big (internal) clit and tiny skenes glands

updated from the 2011/2012 post With 8 000 nerve endings and almost as much erectile tissue as a penis, Dorothy Black discovers the true wonders of the internal clitoris I only found out about my […]

About dead bedrooms: Is a sexless partnership about mismatched libidos?

Is there such a thing as ‘high libido’ and ‘low libido’? Dorothy Black looks into sexual response and the phenomenon of ‘dead bedrooms’ I was once asked to answer the question: Can a marriage survive […]