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Are you in love with a narcissist? Here are 7 warning signs…

Anyone who’s been the object of a narcissist’s focus will know how intoxicating it is to be swept up in their heady cocktail […]

Is honesty the best policy when it comes to love and sex?

Dorothy Black believes that if you want a relationship that will last, you have to start practising proper honesty. It was a rainy […]

Are you an ageist when it comes to sex?

If you judge other women’s sexual potency by how old they are, it’s time to stop limiting yourself and the women around you, […]

Love isn’t enough when you’re overinvesting in someone who doesn’t care

Loving someone is not a good enough reason to stay in a relationship. Dorothy Black explains. I love when ‘hopeless romantics’ try to […]

Do you have a sex menu?

Dorothy Black believes we all need to create our own sex menu – and then share with those we want to shag. My […]

The Office Party – A relationship litmus test

Is your year-end do saying more about your relationship status than your career? Dorothy Black thinks it might… Okay. I’m going to offer […]

5 Dating tips to keep you sane (ie NOT The Rules)

Still don’t feel like you have a handle on the dating game? Dorothy Black offers her top tips for enjoying the ride… I’ve […]