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Let’s chat about erogenous zones because one touch doesn’t fit all

Do you know how and where to work your erotic touch, asks Dorothy Black… A joke did the rounds a while ago that […]

Did you choose to be monogamous?

In a relationship? Dorothy Black wants to know if you chose the model you’re in or if it ‘just happened’ to you… When […]

Would you date you?

Someone once wrote that you should aim to be the person you want to be loved by. Dorothy Black asks: Are you that […]

Is your new, happy relationship giving you muffin top?

Don’t let New Love Poofiness get you down. It’s there to take your relationship to the next level. ‘What. Is. This.’ I stared […]

Teach your guy how to make love to you

Are you mad about having to educate your partner about your body? Congratulations, you’re an active participant your empowered sex life, says Dorothy […]

Don’t play possum in the bedroom

Do you use work or pretending to sleep to avoid sex with your partner? Dorothy Black says it’s time to have a courageous […]

Is cybersex really real sex and does it count as cheating?

Not sure if your online sexting with that hottie is cheating on your partner? Dorothy Black weighs in… You’re sitting in a room […]