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Yes, slow sex is the latest, hottest sex trend

‘Learn to be present in the moment, and take your time with sex,’ says Dorothy Black… I was prompted to write this column the other day after I was propositioned by a very charming, but woefully naïve, man. Let’s call him Garçon. After arranging a drinks meet, Garçon told me that he believed I would […]

Women: Trans women, cis women and gender identity

Do trans women threaten your idea of what being a woman is? Get educated and ask some questions, says Dorothy Black I met Becky at a mutual friend’s birthday party some years back. A few hours before I was introduced to her, I’d been told under hushed tones that ‘Becky’ had ‘actually’ been ‘Ben’ just […]

Coupling yourself and your honey to social media

Wearing your heart on your virtual social media sleeve is on the rise. Dorothy recommends that less is more …  I wasn’t going to say anything. I was just going to let it all slide like a lubed-up Teletubby down a waterslide. But #relfies have just tipped me right over the OFFS ledge. Never heard […]

‘Nymphomaniac’ and sex addiction

Is sex addiction a real thing or just a lame excuse? If you think sex addicts are people who just like having sex a lot, you’re very wrong says Dorothy Black I made the mistake of watching Nymphomaniac the other night. If you don’t know, Nymphomaniac is about sex addiction and is Lars von Trier’s […]

Would you fuck a robot? (and other musings about sex in the time of tech)

How much tech do you need with your sex? Dorothy Black admits she’s starting to feel worried… You know that moment, just after you’ve had sex with your honey and you’re feeling all loved up? When all you want to do is roll over and … input all the info about your coitus and the […]

What does your porn say about you?

Dorothy Black wonders what choices in porn says about you or your partner’s character. For a brief moment jizz was everywhere. Well, to be less baiting, Youjizz – a badly named porn site – got Twitter tongues punning furiously for about 10 minutes (‘Jizz you wait and see’). The site got its airtime at the […]

Bringing The Date back (and how to not get friendzoned)

If you don’t want to get stuck in the friend zone, stop acting like a friend says Dorothy Black. After much consideration, I’ve decided that as far as dating goes, the following are bullshit stand-in phrases: ‘Going for drinks’, ‘hanging out’, ‘doing media swaps’ or ‘maybe hooking up at the party’. This is what I […]

The risks of The ‘Crazy Sex’ Chat

Do you ever compare crazy sex notes with your new partner? Dorothy Black says you should tread carefully… There are two questions that are toxic to any budding relationship. The first is: ‘How many men have you slept with?’ The second: ‘What crazy sex shit have you done?’ I don’t care much for the former, but […]

Is one partner not enough for you?

Is one man not enough to satisfy you? Then maybe you should try polyamory The other day, I’m sitting with Lima at our fave mid-morning haunt. She says she’s met the perfect man. He’s a roguish gentleman with the sex skills of a Tantric god, she says. They get along like a house of fire, she […]

How to train your man (in the bedroom)

Dorothy Black says great sex is based on her top four Cs: Communication, chemistry, correspondence and confidence. But you can have all of this and lack one vital element: skill… Sexy-time skill is like the salt in your meal, the fizz in your soda, the spring in your trampoline … without it, banging away can […]