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Is it time to end your relationship?

Not all break-ups are sad events, says Dorothy Black. Sometimes we need to see them as the opportunity for a new beginning. I […]

Ask Dot :: Can I flash her back because I think she’s flashing me

Hallo Dorothy I have only now accidently discovered your blog and like the way you “liberate” people’s thinking and preconceived ideas. Will definitely keep […]

10 things that suck about being single

You don’t need anyone to complete you and that’s cool. But sometimes being single for a prolonged period of time can really suck. […]

Choreplay – Science says to share chores for better sex

Want to improve your sex life with your live-in lover? Science says you should share the household chores. By Dorothy Black I have a […]

Is an emotional affair ever worth it?

Dorothy Black believes emotional affairs can never fulfil you, no matter which side of the fence you’re sitting on  The thing with emotional […]

Saving an argument with the power of The Do-Over

Wish you had a CTRL Z option on some of your less-than-awesome snipes at your loved one? Dorothy Black suggests trying a do-over. […]

Are you in love with a narcissist? Here are 7 warning signs…

Anyone who’s been the object of a narcissist’s focus will know how intoxicating it is to be swept up in their heady cocktail […]