Postsecret pic of the week :: Single versus Hooked Up

I’ll take this person’s contentment and happiness with life etc for what it is – contentment and happiness with life. well done you postcard-sender-inner. but. why do you think they feel the need to make out that their happiness is contingent on the fact that they’re single? it reminds me of those single peeps who need to convince themselves talk endlessly […]

5 Choices for a better love life

You know you never follow through on New Year’s resolutions that cut out the fun, but what about those that will make your love life a little better? Dorothy Black gives her top tips for a year of good loving… Make time for your primary relationship Yes, the kids are important. Yes, you need to […]

Is preferring a sexual partner of a different race political?

Is swirling and sexual attraction across colour and culture lines a political issue? ‘So why did you never hit on me?’ I asked Rob, a skinny white boy from the ‘burbs and one of my favourite Jozi peeps. It seemed an appropriate question after a few drinks and years of a slow-burn flirt. We’d hit […]

Postsecret pic of the week :: I drowned a kitten

oh my word my heart goes out to this person and the little 11-year-old that did this. it’s difficult enough, as an adult, to sometimes identify terrible feelings and deal with them consciously. to feel so terrible, so utterly engulfed by rage and pain, confusion and helplessness, is a living hell. being a kid is […]

Are open relationships the new dating pool?

Dorothy Black explores the new playing field for the single-something: open relationships ‘Every time I drop the kids off at school, I wonder how many of the moms and dads are also living these crazy sex lives behind closed doors.’ Elizabeth carried on talking, but I was still trying to catch up with what she […]

Postsecret pic of the week :: My vegetarian boyfriend’s wife

you know. two years ago this would’ve given me pause for thought. in fact, when i first read it, i was, like, huh? cheater mccheatersons er’where etc etc cos which crazy thinks that a married man is their boyfriend, right? well then i thought: not so fast dottie. get off that high horse. you might not […]

Is marriage a promise of sex?

If monogamy is your relationship model, does that make you responsible for your partner’s intimate satisfaction? I have a question for you. On the surface it’s a simple question, but dig about just a little and you’ll find a network of emotionally tricky, ethically ambiguous answers. Nevertheless, I’ll ask it anyway, because that’s the kinda […]

Postsecret pic of the week :: My affair saved my marriage

i have a few friends who have messed around outside their monogamous partnerships in one way or another, at some point or another. most never told. most moved on – either with their partners or without, much later. and if they moved on without, never told. i really don’t think there’s a right way to […]

Ask Dot :: Can I trust her after she cheated

I recently found out that my long-term girlfriend and my best friend were sleeping together. She came out with the story, we broke up and she started seeing him. But then she realised that she didn’t love him and we got back together. But there’s very little trust now. I love her with all my […]

Dirty Talk 101: Here’s why being vocal in the bedroom will help your sex life [VIDEO]

Want to start talking dirty in the bedroom? Here’s how to do it (and it doesn’t have to sound like a porno) … (unless you want it to) Link through to the video here if you can’t see it… Recent On The Couch videocasts… How to show and tell in the bedroom Sexting 101 :: […]