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How to tell your partner you cheated


Feel like it’s time to come clean about your affair? It might not seem simple, but it is. Dorothy Black helps you minimise […]

Move aside you zombie hordes, it’s Cupid’s day

This is a column about love, I promise. But before love, I need to talk about death. It was an impressive death to […]

Don’t share your passwords with your partner

Does signing up for a relationship mean handing over your passwords? Dorothy Black believes personal privacy and trust need to work together. I […]

Ghosting: the worst way to break up?

While simply ceasing all contact may not be the best way to end a relationship, Dorothy Black feels it’s better to be a […]

Postsecret pic of the week :: There is a word for this. It is ‘incest’.

the name of this pic is ‘uncleoraunt.jpg’ i’m not sure either sex makes a difference quite frankly. with a 27 year age gap […]

Are you the side chick?

Does your boyfriend always have an excuse for why you can’t make plans or meet the family? Can he never take your calls […]

Would you cheat to save your marriage?

Update: I wrote this a few months before the big hack and the fraudulent nature of AM came out. can’t say i’m sorry. […]