Postsecret pic of the week :: Sex thoughts, yoga and other notice boards

i told you once i had an orgasm in that one yoga pose? well, blame kundalini or chakras or pressure points or the just the fact that yoga is an incredibly sensory experience for me, but i usually-often-more-than-sometimes get ridiculously horny during yoga. if i have a boyfriend at the time, it becomes impossible to […]

Ask Dot :: I am 40+ and my son’s 20 year old friend is hitting on me

I am in my 40s and have been contacted by a former school friend of my son. He’s just gone 20 is incredibly attractive, rugby build, blond haired, blue-eyed. He has opened a dialogue I never dreamed I’d be having with anyone his age, and I am now incredibly tempted to do a Mrs Robinson […]

Silver metal lovers :: love in the time of robots

tanith lee is a pretty mainstream but strangely underrated, super successful fantasy/scifi writer. she made vampires and vampire families cool before ann rice did and way before the watered-down rubbish of the tweelight series. inserted into her oeuvre is this little novel called silver metal lover, first published in 1986. in short, it tells the […]

Postsecret pic of the week :: I am still crazy

i’m giving myself until the end of april and then i suspect i will seriously consider lobotomy. it seems the only sensible thing to do. don’t worry, i’ll keep the part of my brain that can still functionally trawl internetland for sexy stuff. i just HAVE to do something concrete about how relentlessly it can […]

Postsecret pic of the week :: I hide

So I’m curious about this thing people do, this ‘I want you to find me but I’ll make it super hard’ thing. Fundamentally, I recognise it, like it started out as being coy when we were teenagers and new to love, and then became twisted as we suffered heartbreak and learnt to build defences. It […]

The risks of The ‘Crazy Sex’ Chat

Do you ever compare crazy sex notes with your new partner? Dorothy Black says you should tread carefully… There are two questions that are toxic to any budding relationship. The first is: ‘How many men have you slept with?’ The second: ‘What crazy sex shit have you done?’ I don’t care much for the former, but […]

Is one partner not enough for you?

Is one man not enough to satisfy you? Then maybe you should try polyamory The other day, I’m sitting with Lima at our fave mid-morning haunt. She says she’s met the perfect man. He’s a roguish gentleman with the sex skills of a Tantric god, she says. They get along like a house of fire, she […]

How to train your man (in the bedroom)

Dorothy Black says great sex is based on her top four Cs: Communication, chemistry, correspondence and confidence. But you can have all of this and lack one vital element: skill… Sexy-time skill is like the salt in your meal, the fizz in your soda, the spring in your trampoline … without it, banging away can […]

A NSFW hello to Monday :: what i want

yes yes yes want want want … i currently have a casual sex set-up with a perfectly fine lover. the sex is good, he is perfectly skilled at the act of. we have perfectly physically satisfying sex occasionally. it is all very adequate. but there is a heat missing … a chemistry, a connection that […]

Postsecret of the week :: Hick parents

i loved junebug for a gazillion reasons. if you’ve seen it you’ll understand why amy adams is top of list, but next to her is the beautiful handling of ‘meeting the family’. madelein (a gallery curator played by the gorgeous embeth davidtz) and george (mr moneybags) are city slickers, but where madelein was born to wealthy, […]