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Is an emotional affair ever worth it?

Dorothy Black believes emotional affairs can never fulfil you, no matter which side of the fence you’re sitting on  The thing with emotional […]

Saving an argument with the power of The Do-Over

Wish you had a CTRL Z option on some of your less-than-awesome snipes at your loved one? Dorothy Black suggests trying a do-over. […]

Are you in love with a narcissist? Here are 7 warning signs…

Anyone who’s been the object of a narcissist’s focus will know how intoxicating it is to be swept up in their heady cocktail […]

Feelings, sex and relationships – some perspective

Because this is a conversation that never gets old. So last week, during a talk I held for a very small and intimate […]

Is honesty the best policy when it comes to love and sex?

Dorothy Black believes that if you want a relationship that will last, you have to start practising proper honesty. It was a rainy […]

Be the bonobo. Should a fight be resolved with a shag rather than a screaming match?

A few years back I was asked to write an article about whether sex could ever be used to end an argument. At […]

Love isn’t enough when you’re overinvesting in someone who doesn’t care

Loving someone is not a good enough reason to stay in a relationship. Dorothy Black explains. I love when ‘hopeless romantics’ try to […]