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Don’t play possum in the bedroom

Do you use work or pretending to sleep to avoid sex with your partner? Dorothy Black says it’s time to have a courageous […]

Is cybersex really real sex and does it count as cheating?

Not sure if your online sexting with that hottie is cheating on your partner? Dorothy Black weighs in… You’re sitting in a room […]

The Shine Project SA

Pretty plums. I have been a busy, busy bee, which is why there has been so little going on here. Over the past […]

Is it time to end your relationship?

Not all break-ups are sad events, says Dorothy Black. Sometimes we need to see them as the opportunity for a new beginning. I […]

Ask Dot :: Can I flash her back because I think she’s flashing me

Hallo Dorothy I have only now accidently discovered your blog and like the way you “liberate” people’s thinking and preconceived ideas. Will definitely keep […]

10 things that suck about being single

You don’t need anyone to complete you and that’s cool. But sometimes being single for a prolonged period of time can really suck. […]

Choreplay – Science says to share chores for better sex

Want to improve your sex life with your live-in lover? Science says you should share the household chores. By Dorothy Black I have a […]