10 things you should stop doing in bed

Not sure what you’re doing wrong in the sack? Dorothy Black would like to tell you… Sometimes the only people who can tell you what’s what when it comes to your love life are your friends. They’ve got perspective on your character, know all your emo soft spots, and can spot the crazy little things […]

Would you cheat to save your marriage?

Ladies and Gentlemen! Your attention please! New findings have been found by finders to save you from your pitiful, unsuccessful marriage! But before you can qualify for the information, answer these few questions: Is your marriage on the rocks? Do you no longer talk to your spouse and feel less than zero intimate connection to […]

Is compromise in relationships the ‘win-win great thing’ it’s been made out to be?

If you’re in a continual state of compromise in your relationship, there’s something wrong says Dorothy Black. It’s often said that relationships need compromise. Hell, I’ve said it a few times myself. But since little baby Cupid’s done some good work on me and my friend circle of late, and at least four of us […]

Postsecret pic of the week :: You taught me how to orgasm without porn

  that last line added all the unintentional comedic relief this postsecret needed. because the sentiment is fucking dire. and not isolated, i’m afraid. i find myself in a very strange position lately. i’ve always considered myself very porn positive. i feel that we’re super visual creatures and that it can be used in a […]

Who is bearing witness to your life?

At the beginning of this year i promised myself to lay off twitter – and social media in general – for while. and by ‘lay off’ i mean unfollow, mute, block, ignore, disengage with, step out of the mess of arguing, competitiveness, hating and awfulness that twitter, especially, spews out into my eyeballs on an […]

Sometimes the problem is just you

Listen up drama queens. Does love have to be a production of pain and heartache? Dorothy Black doesn’t think so. Sometimes the problem is really just you. You know that scenario where you’re bitching about your love life (again) and your friends (who love you madly) start doing that thing with their faces that makes […]

The film: 50 Shades Of Opinion, by Bloggsy Malone

GUEST POST I liked this piece by bloggsy about his take on the 50 shades film – and i think it’s worth noting that the film’s depiction of ana and the book’s depiction of her and christian (and their relationship) are very different things. nevertheless… It’s just a film – just a fictional story – […]

What’s up little plum faces?

listen. so i’m not fucking around no more when i say there are Developments. Developments of which I can not yet speak, but which are nevertheless In The Pipeline. meanwhile, the fact is i’ve just been so busy bread-and-butter writing that i’ve not been able to have a chat here with you for ages. actually, […]

Are you the crazy ex?

Dorothy Black has been the mayor of Crazy-Ex Town and offers her advice on staying away. The phone rings again. It’s the third time in the space of 5 minutes and we both know who it is. ‘Sooo. Not going to answer that, huh?’ I ask, doing a little head jerk to the direction of […]

Postsecret pic of the week :: You are the love of my life (please don’t tell my husband)

Shoo. i imagine a world where women and men are able to commit to the people they love and desire without shame and recrimination. though, i wonder now how many people get married thinking or believing they’re one way sexually, only to figure out they’re really some other way once they’ve done some growing up and […]