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Let’s talk penetration and dildos with the Bouncer (sadly, NOT a person)


What it is The Bouncer is basically a souped-up dildo from one of my fave sex toy producers, Fun Factory. What makes it extra sassy compared to its straight up-and-down peers are its extra features, such as […]

Getting some clit love with The Womanizer

What it is Well I suppose what it is the first toy of its kind. It’s a non-penetrative clitoral stimulator that barely touches your clit. Confused? So was I until I tried it. How it […]

Find your G-spot with Ammo’s Yuhi

Looking to find your G-spot groove? Dorothy Black finds a gentle G-spot toy to tickle your fancy Penile penetration may not always hit the spot and can leave you feeling sexually unfulfilled. To avoid the […]

Rianne S Matryoshka sex toy review

Dorothy Black finds this surprising little toy as versatile as it is user (and partner) friendly… When I first Instagrammed my new plaything, a few eyebrows were emotically raised: Is it a baby’s dummy? A Matryoshka […]

50 Shades of Grey :: Mini G spot vibe

Want to play the way Christian and Anastasia did? Dorothy Black takes peak into the Red Room of Pain’s goody box and finds a mini g-spot vibe perfect for beginners Love it or hate it, […]

Mix n match sex toys with PicoBong

Dorothy Black finds out just how many ways one can mix up three affordable toys from PicoBong in one playtime. Not since the We-Vibe have I had as much fun reviewing a sex toy with […]

Labia love with the Je Joue FiFi

First impressions I’ve done a few rabbits in my time (how wrong does that sound out of context, right?) and am always curious to see how each manufacturer tries to put their own unique twist […]