sex toy reviews

Let’s talk penetration and dildos with the Bouncer (sadly, NOT a person)

What it is The Bouncer is basically a souped-up dildo from one of my fave sex toy producers, Fun Factory. What makes it extra sassy compared to its straight up-and-down peers are its extra features, such as three internal rotating weights, well-placed bulges and curve, and a wide base. It’s this base that really expands its functionality, […]

Getting some clit love with The Womanizer

What it is Well I suppose what it is the first toy of its kind. It’s a non-penetrative clitoral stimulator that barely touches your clit. Confused? So was I until I tried it. How it works The device looks very much like a bulky, but very stylish, ear thermometer. But instead of a hard plastic […]

Find your G-spot with Ammo’s Yuhi

Looking to find your G-spot groove? Dorothy Black finds a gentle G-spot toy to tickle your fancy Penile penetration may not always hit the spot and can leave you feeling sexually unfulfilled. To avoid the disappointment you can take matters into your own hands with the Yuhi G-spot stimulator… What it is? Yuhi is a […]

Rianne S Matryoshka sex toy review

Dorothy Black finds this surprising little toy as versatile as it is user (and partner) friendly… When I first Instagrammed my new plaything, a few eyebrows were emotically raised: Is it a baby’s dummy? A Matryoshka doll? A stopper of sorts? A teeny tiny skittle? A child’s toy? The reason for the obvious confusion is that there […]

50 Shades of Grey :: Mini G spot vibe

Want to play the way Christian and Anastasia did? Dorothy Black takes peak into the Red Room of Pain’s goody box and finds a mini g-spot vibe perfect for beginners Love it or hate it, Fifty Shades of Grey was a global bestseller and introduced a range of toys into bedrooms most would never have […]

Mix n match sex toys with PicoBong

Dorothy Black finds out just how many ways one can mix up three affordable toys from PicoBong in one playtime. Not since the We-Vibe have I had as much fun reviewing a sex toy with a partner. But maybe that’s because I didn’t have just one toy to play with – but three. For, shall […]

Labia love with the Je Joue FiFi

First impressions I’ve done a few rabbits in my time (how wrong does that sound out of context, right?) and am always curious to see how each manufacturer tries to put their own unique twist to their offering. London-based Je Joue has delivered some great award-winning products in their short career, having launched only in […]

Ask Dot :: Sex toy basics for sex toy virgins

You seem to be the Jeremy Clarkson of Vibrators. Wanting to get my wife a vibrator, not sure what to get. We don’t have any sex toys, yeah I know, so which one to start with? Her clit is very sensitive, but she does like foreplay, who doesn’t I guess. Next, would you recommend a […]

Sex Toy Review :: Silver Swan

Dorothy Black enjoys Swan’s curvy ‘slender touch of perfection’ in all the right, erm, kinky places. First impressions I’m not going to lie. When I received the Silver Swan in the mail awhile back I just sorta stashed it in the back of my goodie drawer and promised myself to get back to it when […]

Sex Toy Review: The Swan Clutch

Score! Dorothy Black finds a plaything that strengthens and satisfies. First impressions Honestly, when I first saw the Swan Clutch I was a bit, ja, ok, another Ben Wa ball type goody to slot into the whole 50 Shades ra-ra. Whatevs. All Swan products are beautifully designed and crafted, so I wasn’t too taken by […]