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The one secret to a great sex life

Dorothy Blacks reveals what it takes to enjoy a rich and satisfying love life. ‘The best way to achieve your dream is to […]

How much sex is enough

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to sex and pleasure, says Dorothy Black Once, when a whirlwind romance came to an […]

Is it love or lust at first sight?

When it comes to empowered sexuality for women, Dorothy Black asks whether ‘love at first sight’ is a harmless expression or the product […]

Feelings, sex and relationships – some perspective

Because this is a conversation that never gets old. So last week, during a talk I held for a very small and intimate […]

Be the bonobo. Should a fight be resolved with a shag rather than a screaming match?

A few years back I was asked to write an article about whether sex could ever be used to end an argument. At […]

Are you an ageist when it comes to sex?

If you judge other women’s sexual potency by how old they are, it’s time to stop limiting yourself and the women around you, […]

Sex (the thinky feely bits), Chapter 3 :: How to create the ‘sex life’ you want

An extract from The Dot Spot – Adventures in Love and Sex, Jacana, Feb 2016 There is so much noise in the media […]