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A NSFW hello to Monday ::

A few years back, a good friend of mine, gerdte (one of the first friends i blogged about) introduced me to of course, he also introduced me to stileproject, green fever and sinutab with codeine. But suicidegirls was the best. I’ll let the quotes explain suicide girls: “POST MODERN PIN-UP GIRLS FOR THE ALTERNATIVE NATION” – Boston […]

A NSFW hello to Monday :: Descomposed

repost an old friend introduced me to this spanish site, descomposed. this is a repost from three years ago and the site isn’t up anymore, which is a pity cos it was a gold mine of erotica, indie (not indie-hipster, actual indie-cool) movies, snippets of info and, of course, man pics… which are a super rare […]

A NSFW hello to Monday :: Pubes are sexy

god i loved this. i’m not fond of pubes for myself. i don’t mind them on my partner (though a little manscaping never goes amiss), but on my own person, i prefer a fairly hair-free punani. i explain more why here [clickety click], with an image representative of how my fanny’s locks grow when left […]

A NSFW hello to Monday :: ColombiRican :: Bootilicious erotica

So i said i was probably never going to post a post like this, a post that focuses on big booty. someone asked me to once and it felt too much like i would be fetishising fat than promoting any healthy view of sex, sexiness and body shape. and then i loaded more NSFWs and […]

We’ve finally found the (internal) clit!

With 8 000 nerve endings and almost as much erectile tissue as a penis, Dorothy Black discovers the true wonders of the internal clitoris I only found out about my clit last year. Well. The whole of it at least. The whole other part that is attached to the little bean I so know and […]

postsecret pic of the week :: black

i’ve always wanted to be a creamy coffee complexion and every time i see too many white people together i get a little weirded out. but i don’t know if i’d want to be any other colour than i am. if i were non-white i don’t know how i would’ve coped with my barbies/disney movies/cartoons/movies/tv/fashion […]

Pleasure little treasure

Women24 sex columnist Dorothy Black dismisses boot camp-style sex education, and goes back to basics. A few years back I was sitting in a coffee shop with a girl friend that had summoned me to discuss, over chocochinos, a very specific problem she was experiencing: her lack of orgasm. She was 28, a virgin and had […]

postsecret pic of the week :: different

last week postsecret loaded this postcard: this week someone replied with this: it made me feel a bit weepy. i’m just such a softie. and also the other postsecrets were dumb (“i was a C-section because the doctors didn’t want to work on christmas”? that’s it? that’s your big secret? i don’t mean to sound […]

an infographic on female orgasm

thanks @hestia_berna

SlutWalk South Africa

A few months back i heard about the slutwalks happening around the world, thought it was cool, wondered if it would come to south africa and took another bite of my sandwich before flipping to another news item. whenever anything like this happens over the seas, i think, ah that’s lovely, but what difference does […]