the funny

postsecret pics of the week :: wanking

ah there were so many i liked this week… i’ve never been good at the straightforward hand job … you know, where you only use your hands and nothing else from beginning to end. i always want to get my mouth and body involved. mostly because it’s far more interactive, but also because i’m just […]

friday funnies with happy place

this week i tweetered this funny link about ‘The most hilariously effective signs supporting gay marriage‘. there are tons more but these were my fave… and then i went to ‘Brilliantly smart-ass responses to completely well-meaning signs‘. i’ve decided happy place is my new favourite waste of time. Catch ya’ll later mofo plums. nose kisses […]

balls out jeans

here’s a wee friday funny for you. it’s an oldie and could probably be better timed for boob day or something, but i was clearing out my mail from long ago and found it and giggle at it and thought you might giggle at it also… happy friday! dot xx

this is why i don’t like horsies

so.  one frosty morning we went for a ride on horses. as one does. off to the verdant  pastures of sleepy hollow paddocks. (no subtle foreshadowing there. SLEEPY HOLLOW??) it was a bright day, filled with promise. what new joys would this brisk winter’s morning reveal to me? what great beauty would i experience as […]

postsecret pic of the week :: the rapture

dumbass. so, not surprisingly, it turns out the 69% who went out on a limb with the ‘rapture is a pile of horseshit’ vote were right. although, as only, like, 5 000 people were to be airlifted to heaven i can’t imagine we’d even notice if they left. thought these rapture pics tweetered by @idale […]

Business time, baby

fucking LARF – this is really funny. flight of the concords does a little modern-day, IRL barry whitean hey baby, baby… two minutes in heaven is better than one minute in heaven… much HYSTERICS (thanks sparky!)

vajazzle! NSFW

ag. this is old, but i haven’t posted anything about it and these blinkly peens and vaginas are sitting on my desktop demanding to be made public to those who’ve not yet heard of the wonder of vajazzling : The act of applying glitter and jewels to a woman’s nether regions for aesthetic purposes. apparently not […]


sparky sent this to me just now. chicks with steve buscemi eyes? who thinks this shit up? what kinda drugs are you smoking guy? nevertheless. it’s pretty genius. it’s like facebombing but more labour intensive. checkit> (i think she looks better with crow eyes > clickety click) see more buscemeyes here [clickety click]. anyhoo i’ve […]

friday funny

if you do not think this is cute and/or funny you do not have a soul. #justsaying

facebook friends on star trek

fucking hysterics if you ask me. genius how this was put together. oh well. hope your weekend was good. i spent today snoozing and reading, reading and snoozing, with some lovely lazy sex in between. (why is in between not one word? ditto by product. i’ve made byproduct one word in my editing. so there. […]