the funny

vw darth vader cuteness

damn this is the shizzle

roses are red

jeez i am so fucking over this week. over. it. and and AND AND i am not going to do anything on, about, regarding,referring to, in light of or touching on valentine’s day. i don’t give a shit. i would like to, but every other blogger as mooshed on about it enough today already and […]

marcel the shell with shoes on

kyknoord sent this to me the other day. he’s a funny guy. sometimes. my fave line: i also have shoes and a face…so…i like that about myself… happy friday funny plums dot xx

ned calls the gay and lesbian

got this from sparky this morning. warning: it is VERY UN-PC AND STEREOTYPES THE GAY AND LESBIAN COMMUNITY but — as he said — i DARE you not to split sides laughing ned is like south africa’s whackhead simpson dude, except much funnier. google ‘ned calls’ for more of his fabulousness…

suicide bunnies

so i must admit that this week was a big GRUMP. not to say that i’m not delightful and a charm to be around when i’m experiencing a GRUMP. it’s just that i tend to want to nap more. and snap more… (5 minutes later… i tried to get all suess but it didn’t work… […]

those crazy christians

so i’m on a bit of a pluck with religion this week it seems. its an easy target and i’m too lazy in brain and busy with other things to fight it. anyway. twitter sent this clip of cindy jacobs, a prophet of the lord jesus christ and a ‘general’ of her ministry ‘generals international’ […]

i love lamp

in case you needed a wednesday funny. Steve Carell as Brick Tamland in the anchorman (just one of the funniest movies in the whole world), herewith… the best of brick

a dylan moran funny

this makes me laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh. and because it’s the season to be giving, i thought it might make you laugh also. so, here you go… i what to have babies with dylan moran’s humour.

finally. the big time.

be still my beating heart. kyknoord‘s listed moi for a bronze award on his list of ‘not totally kak blogs’. fuck you.

Postsecret pic of the week :: Collecting lives

i like this one. it reminds me of @samwilson1 ‘s blog page background. vodka, lighters, milk, ice cream. priorities, people… sometimes what i like about the postsecret postcards is that when you save the pic the name of the pic includes little embedded secrets, like more info about the card or web links. like the […]