A (kinda) NSFW hello to Monday :: Daido Moriyama, Tights and Lips


this is for me. these lines, these lines, these glorious lines.

i love fishnets.

part of what i enjoy about getting dressed into those crazy burlesque outfits are the tights. under the fishnets, you wear dancing tights. both need to be gussetless and you scissor off the band at the top of both (they don’t ladder, trust me) so that they sit flush against your skin. then over that, the black, tight, high-waisted, g-string band, and over those the shiny-sequins flap of panty. and over that the corset … all of which hold you tight, like being bound.

then the peeling off of each layer. not on stage, but after. in the privacy of your warm room and under the gaze of your lover.

these are by japanese artist photographer daido moriyama and are part of his tights and lips exhibition. he told the guardian of these shots…

‘One day I was drinking coffee with my girlfriend when I caught a glimpse of her legs, which happened to be in stockings with fishnet tights over the top. I immediately started taking photographs.

‘Most of my work, whether shot in Japan or abroad, is made on the street. I like to photograph the cities I visit and the people I encounter there. One of my best-known images, a shot of a stray dog taken in 1971, is an example of the kind of thing that catches my eye. But sometimes I want to shoot more erotically charged scenes, such as a woman in tights, or a woman’s lips.

‘This picture [number 7 in the gallery above] was taken in 1986, and what you see is what you get. The shoot was quite natural: I asked my girlfriend to make an occasional pose, but didn’t particularly direct her. I tend not to have feelings or thoughts while I work: I am completely immersed in the visual world of the subject…’ Read more of the interview here [clickety click]

hmmmm divine. his other stuff is wonderfully dark and textured. check out his site MoriyamaDiado.com.

happy happy pretty plums

Postsecret pic of the week :: (This might as well’ve been mine…)


i. really. want. to. kick. them.

but i don’t because of the following:

1) someone will see me and give me the stink eye and and call me a villain and report me to the police who will arrest me and charge me and then there will be a huge court case and i’ll be thrown in prison.

2) someone will videotape me and then post it to youtube and then the world will think i’m a villain and then i’ll be tried by a jury of my peers on social media and trolled off all platforms and have to deal with abuse for the next year of my life and my entire legacy will be one 5 sec video on youtube as The Girl Who Kicked The Pigeon.

3) i would feel terrible about it that moment i kicked it and would never forgive myself.

dot’s To Kick a Pigeon, a modern blog interpretation of dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment. i’m feeling you rodion. i’m feeling you.

should rather just have kicked a pigeon

should rather just have kicked a pigeon

happy monday plums
dot, out.