A NSFW hello to Monday :: SingleChair

Repost – And you know what? I love this person’s stuff more than ever. so. fucking. raw. #loveit

singlechair art

The featured sex tumblr today is not 100% my thing, but I reckon it’s still pretty interesting. The photography is very gritty with a great emphasis on texture and skin and an inclination towards bondage and some left-of-centre body fluid fetishes, including blood and vomit. All very stylishly portrayed though. it is art after all.

check out more singlechair.tumblr images here [clickety click]. There are some more hectic pics, there are less hectic pics … just so’s you know.

happy monday morning plums


Postsecret pic of the week :: Sex thoughts, yoga and other notice boards


i told you once i had an orgasm in that one yoga pose? well, blame kundalini or chakras or pressure points or the just the fact that yoga is an incredibly sensory experience for me, but i usually-often-more-than-sometimes get ridiculously horny during yoga.

if i have a boyfriend at the time, it becomes impossible to lie quietly in savasana and think upon nothingness. in fact, it’s just dawned on me that the reason i’ve been avoiding yoga might have something to do with that.

anyhoo. moving on.


i can honestly say that one of the most wonderful digital gifts i’ve given myself is to stop tracking stats, block even the slightest whiff of a twitter troll, refuse to online stalk, and unfriend and unfollow wherever i start eye-rolling more than i am lolling.

it’s a fairly recent development. i just lost interest in giving a fuck about shit that doesn’t really matter.

see, the stats thing is interesting. i stopped tracking site analytics last year when it was clear i was starting to obsess about certain hits, and numbers in general. you lose sight of WHY you’re doing something when all you’re focused on are the HOWWHATWHEREWHEN.

your digital high brought to you by every post and tweet that gives you an emo rush

your digital high brought to you by every post and tweet that gives you an emo rush

the twitter great unfollow/block started this year. there are a fair number of crazies getting airtime and i don’t need that shit on my TL. ditto spam, ‘lifestyle bloggers-cum-brand whores’, ‘lifestyle bloggers-cum-content-aggregators-who-couldn’t-write-an-original-blog-post-if-they-smoked-a-kilo-of-peyote’, people who just want a war all the time and my latest fave, bully trolls. usually men.

as for online stalking… i only online ‘research’ people actively available to me. those that aren’t, no matter how much i’m into them, i avoid like the plague. why feed a wolf that will only bite you because it will always be hungry? (ok, so there was that one time earlier this year but it’s almost like it didn’t happen).

why feed a wolf that will only bite you because it will always be hungry?

i saw the best twitter bio today: “it’s like 10 000 tweets when all you need is a life”. i’ve been arguing that there is no divide between your ‘online life’ and your ‘real life’ … but there is certainly a difference in perspective. your digital interaction is not the whole of your experience, so why judge your whole experience by it?

it is simply too shifting in perspective and storytelling. you can’t control what happens in the world. but online? you’re in a much better position to vet what information squishes through.

whenever i forget how to live life offline i remember this:

why complicate life

good night sweet plum faces. what do you wish for tonight? i wish for love, always love.