The film: 50 Shades Of Opinion, by Bloggsy Malone


I liked this piece by bloggsy about his take on the 50 shades film – and i think it’s worth noting that the film’s depiction of ana and the book’s depiction of her and christian (and their relationship) are very different things. nevertheless…

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It’s just a film – just a fictional story – about two people involved in a relationship that includes a sexual element. Just normal people, getting up to the things that love, sex and relationships involve: intimacy and sexual exploration. The catch is – that sexual exploration’s roleplaying is seen as controlling, and abusive and not unlike rape…

And everyone has an opinion. From letters from concerned psychiatrists to scary mommies to Twitterers. Everyone. And that’s OK.

Let me start off by qualifying myself, like the other writers, reviewers, critics etc ad infitium have done, just so we’re clear, before I unpack MY opinion:  I am a single, forty-something gay male. I am a rape survivor…and I play in the BDSM world. I am a submissive, like Ana, in Fifty Shades – but unlike Ana, I have been playing in this space for over two decades – since my late teens. Since before I was raped by my boyfriend and a friend of his. They were not into BDSM and my rape did not happen in a BDSM situation. I am not ‘broken inside’. I do have a therapist, who helps me unpack the word and my place in it, just so we’re clear on that score.

It’s just a film and in 90 minutes it is impossible to fully explore the entire panoply of what BDSM entails

Fifty Shades of Grey is a film; it’s a story. It touches lightly – and with a lot of accuracy – on the world of BDSM and just two of the many different roles that exist, the dominant and the submissive.

It’s just a film, like I said – and in 90 minutes it is impossible to fully explore the entire panoply of what BDSM entails.

Take for example the 1991 film ‘By The Sword‘ that told the story of a fencing coach and his team. The film obviously had to show fencing, which is an incredibly complex and fast sport, but had to dumb it down to a large degree so that the ordinary movie goer who was NOT a fencer could understand the basics of how it’s done and how a winner is determined. Real fencers everywhere scoffed at Eric Roberts’ laughable footwork and the exaggerated movements, done so that the non-fencing public could follow the blade play. Now think of Fifty Shades’ BDSM in the same way…you have barely skimmed the surface, and the film touches on the two very basic roles, that of dominant and submissive.

It’s easy to see why that is taken for rape, where the attacker subdues their victim.

The difference between the two is this: rape is an act of violent, aggressive abuse. BDSM is an exploration of your body’s sensations. Often it is not sexual; it is sensual. (Think of the scene where Christian flogs Ana’s hand…)

In the film, you caught a glimpse of some of the toys that we use (and boy, would I kill for a playroom like Christian’s!) – but there is so much more that is explored in this fascinating, sensual, and above all consenting world we play in.


I am what’s known as a sensation seeker – I submit to the sensation of touch – of skin. Hot wax. Ice cubes. Suede strips drawn slowly over my back. Leather floggers. Rubber whips. Wooden jacks. When I am at play, my eyes are masked and the room is silent, so I can focus purely on the sensation on my skin.

For me, BDSM is not sexual – it is sensual and intimate. As I said I am gay and a submissive. And the dominant that I submit to is a woman. Our play sessions are therefore not sexual – you can see that, right? Any play that we have is discussed at length for days before we engage. We discuss what sensations I want to explore and what toys I want her to use, and for how long. We don’t have a contract, like Christian and Ana – but that could be fun, and part of the role play.

My dominant knows about my rape; we are both clear that I am not recreating that awful night, in fact when we are at play, that night doesn’t even enter my mind. I am completely focussed on the beautiful, sensuous things happening to my head, my back, my arms and my legs – and yes, the rest of my body, let’s be honest.

We are good friends, beyond this BDSM play space, and connect as equals.

One scene did smack of rape to me big time. She said no. Repeatedly.’ – Sam’s comment on Twitter is valid – and that is the risk you run when you produce a film where you have to pick a fraction of the multitude of aspects and facets of such a wide subject.

So let me clarify this a bit more, so you can understand it: In the carefully scripted play between a dominant and their submissive, it is the submissive who is in complete control at all times. Read that again – it is the submissive who is in complete control at all times. The play starts and ends on their say so. We have safe words that at all times guide the play:

Green: carry on, I like this and I want more

Yellow: I am at my limits, carry on slowly – but with care

Red:  Stop.

Why do we need these words, if it is consensual? Answer – because this is a role play, and often we’ll say things like “Stop!” or “No!” because we are living out a fantasy – we like to play, just like you when you put on your French maid’s outfit, or talk funny-dirty like Kevin Kline in A Fish Called Wanda.

When we are at play, we are often pushing our own personal boundaries of how much we can take

More importantly, when we are at play, we are often pushing our own personal boundaries of how much we can take (how much hot wax, how much ice rubbed over your nipples and for how long…) Why? Well, why do you try to beat your personal best when you’re running, or lift more weights at the gym than you did yesterday? Because we’re competitive – and never more so than when we are in competition with ourselves, always striving to do and be more than we did and were yesterday. It’s that simple. And it doesn’t need a thesis from a psychiatrist, or a panicky scary mom blog to fuel the poorly-informed hysteria. [Dot: I’d just like to point out here that pushing your edges can happen for many other forms pain and psychological surrender as well. Exploring those edges for me is less about competitiveness and more about ‘where can this go if i take one … more … step’…]

Because otherwise, it’s fear mongering. It’s like the old days of “don’t talk to that queer, you’ll catch gayness from him!” – it’s facile, infantile and laughable. Stop that.

But ultimately, like all submissives, you are in complete control of your knowledge and your opinion. Use it wisely and don’t force it down everybody else’s throats. If you do, I’ll call RED! (See what I did there?)

My opinion? It’s a great film. It’s shallow, light entertainment that is beautifully filmed and has a pretty amazing soundtrack. And it’s fiction. Don’t get so hyped up about it. The sensationalism will pass, so those of us who play in this space will not engage in the fickle media spotlight – it will move on to something else tomorrow.

I do wonder though, if that psychiatrist and that scary mommy are also writing letters to their sons for every action movie that portrays a reality where guns and violence save the day; where life ends with a happy ending; where driving too fast and too furious is a ‘thing’ – are they? No. Of course not. Because driving fast and shooting people (except if you’re Oscar) is not the sensitivity of the moment.

Ana does not completely trust Christian. In BDSM play, as in all relationships – trust is an absolute foundational requirement

We DO have a HUGE problem with violent sexual abuse of our women and children – and to confuse the matter with a romance like Fifty Shades is puerile, and simple. Don’t get caught up in it, and don’t lose sight of the real challenges we’re facing in life today, just because of this one harmless movie – yes, harmless: the harm comes from the misunderstanding and the hysterical barnyard psychology that’s vomited out as a result.

POST SCRIPT: Having chatted to a friend about this – one thing that needs to be mentioned is that in both the books and to a lesser a degree in the film, Ana does not completely trust Christian. In BDSM play, as in all relationships – trust is an absolute foundational requirement. If you don’t trust your partner, you are open to all sorts of trouble, that taken too far becomes emotionally or physically harmful. There is a lesson in that for all of us – and it is not peculiar to the BDSM lifestyle, but to ALL relationships, regardless of whether they have a sexual element or not.

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A NSFW hello to Monday :: Porn picnic


This is not a site for everyone. to be honest, there was a lot in it that made me get the no feeling (bukake? no.). true to its name PornPicnic.tumblr is a little of everything…just a little bit of everything from the not-soft side of everything. sure there are some lovely lingerie shots, but there’s also watersports, some disturbingly young girls, diaper play, age play, some pretty hectic gangbang scenes, self shots and scat. yes. scat. tastefully done, mind. but scat nevertheless.

True to its name PornPicnic.tumblr is a little of everything…just a little bit of everything from the not-soft side of everything

so i’ve collected a few pics that i think are representative of the site and that i’ll still be ok hosting on mine. i did vacillate a LOT about featuring it. but point is, just because it’s not part of my erotic vision, doesn’t mean it’s not part of yours. some of the girls though. yo. i’m not so sure about that.

visit PornPicnic, but be warned that a lot of it is pretty intense and VERY dubious. i couldn’t help feeling that this was the entrance to the rabbit hole. in fact, i may change my mind later and just delete this altogether.

i’ll think about it.