Love, marriage, change :: A Q&A with BrightRock (and the one they didn’t post. because #naughty)

shiny, happy people. when the fuck did that happen?

shiny, happy. (by robert miller, @panascape)

Because it’s my party and i’ll rah-rah if i want to. Seriously though, enjoyed answering these questions from BrightRock and Gus Silber more than i have any other Q&A SO MUCH that i almost starting using consistent grammar.


so the questions were along the lines of:

Q: In our age of short-attention spans, selfies, and superficial chats on social media, what does the notion of “love” mean to you?

Q: How valid and relevant do you think marriage is as an institution in the 21st Century? Do you see much of a future for it?

Q: What do you think is the big secret of a happy and lasting relationship?

Nice ones that made me think and gave me the opportunity to put some ideas down about marriage and change and love and and and… read more here [clickety click]

BUT, they left one question out, which I thought was hilar considering a question about whether SA is a conservative society…


Q: What does a typical “day at the office” consist of for you?

A: Writing, writing, writing, reading, reading, … and some porn. Ha ha. Honestly I am very fortunate to spend a lot of my time doing exactly what I want to do, whenever I want to do it. So most days will start off with tea and journaling, move on to writing wherever I feel like writing for the day, playing on social media and planning new projects. Also I make a lot of time for conversation, eating and making love.

i’m thinking the bad phrases here are ‘porn’ and ‘making love’. confirms for me that corporates like sexy, they just don’t want actual sex. bad dot. laters plum faces.

Some other links about this…

A NSFW hello to Monday :: Something about Nadia

I’m a great fan of erika lust. she’s a porn producer with a difference, creating very sexy flicks that span all sexualities and sexes but with an eye for the erotic and a taste for the soft slick. she’s on the front line of new erotica that is being made for people with a more refined palate than the usual MacDs porn fastfood.

the film i’ve taken grabs of is Something About Nadia on Lust’s super successful, and one of her first offerings, Five Stories For Her. In it, a young woman is drawn to the femme fatalish (that is a word now) Nadia, who likes to play with many different women.

All her work is available on DVD, but of course it’s impossible to find in South Africa. I’m hoping to grab some more for future NSFWs … but the truth is you actually have to see this to appreciate it.

isn't she just lovely looking?

isn’t she just lovely looking?