A NSFW hello to Monday :: FunkBrotherJ


FunkBrotherJ.tumblr is another one of those great, but rare ‘black erotica’* tumblrs that are amazing. it gives me hope that non-lily-white erotica is finally being balanced out with more melanin.

because while a colour is just a colour, some *variation* on colour is never amiss. #amiright?

you’re welcome. check out FunkBrotherJ.tumblr and have yourself a lovely little Montuesday (that’s my new word for when these posts are more likely to be loaded…)


*net erotica is generally so white that ‘black erotica’ becomes a category for everything that isn’t a pale skin.


Postsecret Out Loud :: My secret is…


(while i wrote this, i was listening to this…)

i liked the postsecret ‘out loud’ video frank posted today. it was nice hearing people’s voices. it reminded me of the amazing show i went to watch this weekend called miskien. i’ve noticed that the really juicy part of the story between the two main characters is left out of most descriptions of this beautiful play, directed by SA’s newest star tara louise notcutt.


it’s mostly billed as a story about ‘two best friends, dead end jobs, rugby, and some regular guy stuff’. and suppose it is, if by ‘regular guy stuff’ they mean ‘the secrets we keep when we don’t know how to speak our feelings’ or ‘soul death and shoulds‘ or ‘finding more intimacy in friendship that anywhere else’ or ‘possibility and fragility and unrequited love’…

what secrets are you keeping?

miskien is like a postsecret come to life. i laughed and cried and cried some more. i’m glad this story exists here. the performances by albert and gideon are breathtaking. go watch it when you have the chance.

in the meantime. what secrets are you keeping? why are you keeping them? who are you keeping them from? i don’t know if i have SECRETS secrets. you know. just stuff i don’t tell people. ha ha.

here, watch this…

goodnight sweet little plums.
love to you always,

(PS did you know that female kangaroos have three vaginas?)
(PPS i’ve recently been receiving some pretty lovely mail – thanks for that, it makes a huge difference to my day. apologies for no replies, just pulling myself towards myself and not really getting round to responding xx)